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Monday, 16 July 2012

Local Little Mischiefs Facebook store

We've just started building our local Facebook store.  The products we shall be listing on here are items that are one-off bespoke items such as the baby hampers and mirrors that are not likely to be listed on our main UK online store for one reason or another.

Items can be purchased via the Facebook store with Paypal.  There are currently just a small selection of products listed, but many more will follow.  There is no delivery charge, but items in the Facebook (local Sheffield) store are only available for delivery or collection within the Sheffield area.

Why not pop and have a look?

Personalised Gifts from Little Mischiefs


Friday, 13 July 2012

Hamper Scampers

We'll be bringing a selection of bespoke hampers, including "Baby's first Christmas" along to Banner Cross tomorrow.  Also, keep an eye out for our version of Goody bags - the "Baddy Bag"!!!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Surprise deal of the day - Today only

We have just 3 of these 9-10 year "Keep Calm and Canter on" purple hoodie sweatshirts available on a first come first served basis today for £15 + postage, instead of the usual £20 + postage.

There's just the 3 and the deal is just today 
in celebration of the 1st of May!  
Don't be too long....
When they are gone they are gone.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Terramundi pots - from £15 plus free local delivery

We have many different designs of Terramundi moneypots available to purchase at the local price of £15.  Wedding pots, Baby pots, pots with fun messages, funky pots, stylish pots and more...
Just contact us for more info on Sheffield 262 1020

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Yummy marmalade...

I have just had to phone one of my lovely local customers to ask her for a very big favour....

I delivered her order to her yesterday and she gave me a little gift to say thank you (despite me trying to convince her it was all part of the service!).  The gift was a jar of homemade marmalade and a jar of Chatsworth cherry jam.

I couldn't resist the marmalade this morning and had some for breakfast (so much for my diet!).  It was SO tasty.  Lots of chunky rinds and such a delicious orange flavour....Ooh I love my job when these things happen.  I had to phone her and ask her if I could buy one for my father who is SO difficult when it comes to finding the perfect marmalade.  Well I think I've just found it pop!!

Haven't opened the cherry jam yet, but that will come!

Friday, 20 January 2012

And now I reveal the family of pots!

This picture has just been very proudly sent from the Vaughan homestead so that I can share it with you and show you how lovely and treasured Terramundi pots can be.

Mummy Vaughan received her moneypot from the children today (see earlier post) and was really excited to add it to the Vaughan family pots up high.  Mummy's pot has made the family of pots complete now.  Each member of the Vaughan family now has a Terramundi pot (Yes even Daddy Vaughan alias Cricketer Michael Vaughan has one!)

To order your Terramundi pot just get in touch with me via e-mail, phone, Twitter, Facebook, blog, pigeon, loud hailer ....whatever
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